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The documents, facts, figures, and reports that affect the processes, or are a result of the processes, of the New York Senate.
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Format: 10/04/2015
Format: 10/04/2015

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05/02/1305/02/13NY Senate Web Presence Analytics April 2013 X
06/19/1306/19/13Payroll Report - End Date 06/19/2013 XX
07/09/1307/09/13NY Senate Web Presence Analytics June 2013 X
07/18/1307/18/13Payroll Report - End Date 07/17/2013 XX
07/31/1307/31/13Payroll Report - End Date 07/31/2013 XX
08/09/1308/09/13NY Senate Web Presence Analytics July 2013 X
08/14/1308/14/13Payroll Report - End Date 08/14/2013 XX
08/28/1308/28/13Payroll Report - End Date 08/28/2013 XX
09/03/1309/03/13NY Senate Web Presence Analytics August 2013 X
09/11/1309/11/13Payroll Report - End Date 09/11/2013 XX
10/02/1310/02/13NY Senate Web Presence Analytics September 2013 X
10/10/1310/10/13Payroll Report - End Date 10/09/2013 XX
12/18/1312/18/13Payroll Report - End Date 12/18/2013 XX
01/02/1401/02/14NY Senate Web Presence Analytics December 2013 X
01/03/1401/03/14Payroll Report - End Date 1/1/2014 XX
02/28/1402/28/14Expenditure Report Period Ending 9-30-2013 XX
02/26/1402/26/14Payroll Report - End Date 2/26/2014 XX
03/04/1403/04/14NY Senate Web Presence Analytics February 2014 X
03/12/1403/12/14Payroll Report - End Date 3/12/2014 XX
03/26/1403/26/14Payroll Report - End Date 3/26/2014 XX