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Join the Fight- Help Build A Stronger NY

Now more than ever we need to dramatically reform our state government. That is why, I have introduced a comprehensive plan that will institute the necessary changes and help make our state government function more effectively. My “Blueprint for A Stronger NY” will instill the highest level of fiscal responsibility, accountability and transparency in our state government.

Highlights of the "Blueprint For A Stronger New York" include:

• Creation of a constitutional spending cap that would limit state spending to the Consumer Price Index or 4 percent on year to year basis.
• Establishment of an Independent Budget Office to provide a nonpartisan, clear and concise picture of the state finances on a on-going basis.
• Require a two-thirds supermajority for any tax increase considered by the State Legislature.
• Fundamental ethics reform to effectively and proactively combat instances of corruption.
• Break the practice of influence peddling by requiring reasonable disclosure requirements for campaign consultants who also engage in lobbying practices.
• Strengthen the voice and empower voters through the establishment of Initiative and Referendum.

Please join the fight and support my common sense plan for fiscal responsibility, accountablity and trasnperancy by signing the e-peition below.