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Move the 9/11 Terror Trials Out of New York

Like most New Yorkers, I am adamantly opposed to the Obama Administration’s decision to bring terrorists and enemy combatants to New York in order to be tried in federal civilian courts instead of military tribunal commissions.   

From the very founding our nation, we have consistently recognized that enemy combatants of  the United States should be tried in military tribunals. Since the very moment this decision was made, New Yorkers have not been given any sound reasoning or justification on why long-standing policies have been overturned.

The decision reached by the Obama Administration will place an unfathomable emotional toll on all New Yorkers who faced one of the nation’s gravest tragedies on 9/11.  It will disrupt the daily lives of thousands of New Yorkers and pose an unprecedented security risk. Early estimates have security for the trial costing New York hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Please sign my online petition  below to voice your opposition to the Obama Administration’s plan to hold the terror trials in New York. Together we can send one loud and clear message that these terror trials must be moved without any delay.

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