Save Our NYC Water Supply: Stop the Drilling!

Currently unfiltered drinking water serves over 8 million New York City residents giving us the cleanest, safest and most reliable drinking water in the country. However, our drinking water is being put in jeopardy by big business oil and gas companies, who want to drill for natural gas dangerously close to New York City’s upstate watershed using a process known as hydraulic fracturing, also called "hydrofracking."

This drilling process uses toxic chemicals under high pressure in water to break up rock formations deep underground, releasing the natural gas. This could lead to toxic carcinogens entering our water supply.

To protect our drinking water, I have introduced and sponsored legislation to place a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in New York State until at least four months after the Enviromental Protection Agency issues its report on the effects of hydrofracking on water quality and public health. We need time to fully understand the potential dangers of hydraulic fracturing and its possible effects on the New York City watershed, so that we can move forward responsibly, with our eyes open to both the potential benefits and any dangers.

Join me and show your support for protecting our drinking supply from the NYS watershed!

Sign this petition to prevent hydrofracking and let your voice be heard.

Together we can save our water supply!