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Tell the Assembly to Vote for Senator Foley's Property Tax Cap

Senator Foley fought to put tax dollars back in your pocket and protect your home.


“Keeping property taxes down has always been a primary focus of mine. This legislation will help reign in spending and force accountability. It needs to be made into law, and I need your help. Sign onto my petition, and let’s tell the Assembly that it’s time to do the right thing for taxpayers.”

Senator Foley voted twice this year to cap property taxes for families.

Senator Foley’s plan would:

 Cap Out-of-Control School Property Taxes

Mandatory tax cap with no increases over 2% this year

 Give You The Power To Keep Taxes Low

Local voters could impose a tougher limit or override cap if necessary

 Cap Out-of-Control Municipal Property Taxes

Limit local government taxes to the infl ation rate

 Provide Real Relief For All Property Owners

Tax relief for all families regardless of income or property value