Tell the MTA “No Express Bus Reductions”

We, the mass transit users of the 23rd State Senate District, urge the Metropolitan Transit Authority that no reductions, consolidation, or decrease in express bus service should be considered. Eliminating intra-borough mass transportation is counterproductive to the MTA’s goals and missions.  Express bus lines are a lifeline for outer-borough commuters, especially for historically underserved communities who have few or no subway transportation alternatives.

Any reduction in express bus service will directly result in an increase in congestion and pollution.  Therefore, we request that all express bus service remain intact:



Your Comments

X1 is the most crowded express bus.

However, during rush hours it makes sense to shorten it in order to avoid crossing Manhatten. Subways can be used instead.

But eliminating rush hours X1 service entirely is not reasonable - it is the most popualr route

The following is a letter I just sent to my Senator, Andrew Lanza regarding the proposed cuts in Staten Island bus service.

Dear Mr. Lanza, I am hoping that it is an oversight on my part that I haven't seen any word from you on the devastating cuts to the bus service in Staten Island being proposed by the MTA. I would hope that as my representative and being in a position to fight for the residents of Staten Island, you would be as vocal as Sen. Savino in this matter. Staten Island has been the "step child" of the MTA for far too long. Our transportation options are far too antiquated and limited in comparison to the rest of the City. Per capita, we are probably the borough that has the highest percentage of employed residents, our taxes are skyrocketing and our services cut each time there is a financial problem. We are quickly becoming a "Taxation without representation" borough. Please voice your feelings on this very critical matter.
Thank you. Thomas Lyons