Tell New York Not to Hold Onto to Tax Refunds

You may be aware that Governor Paterson’s Administration admitted last week that there were exploratory discussions to delay an estimated $500 million in taxpayer refunds until after the new fiscal year kicks in on April 1.

I’m co-sponsoring a bill to compel the State to issue tax returns on a timelier basis, instead of the legal maximum delay of 45 days after April 15th.

I’ve become a co-sponsor of Senate bill 3985, which would require the Commissioner of Taxation and Finance to provide for the payment of a tax refund, barring any discrepancies in the return, within 30 days of the receipt of a taxpayer's tax return.

On Tuesday, I also voted in favor of a bi-partisan, Senate Resolution informing the Governor that the Senate wouldn’t support a change in the tax refund policy that would result additional delays.

New Yorkers are not a collective bank that should be lending money to its State government to pay its bills, and I’m hoping that the Governor ultimately dismisses this proposal, but if it becomes part of the Budget agreement, then I won’t support the Budget - or - if the Department of Tax and Finance decides to unilaterally implement such a policy, then I will push to get this bill adopted into law as soon as possible.

If you feel the same way that I do, then I encourage you to fill-out this on-line petition to get the tax refunds out the door as soon as possible. I will deliver the petition to the Governor in the next few weeks to let him know how we feel.

Thank you for your participation.


Senator Joe Griffo


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taxpayer refund delay

Private citizens and companies do not have the option of delaying tax payments or any other payment without penalties. The government should not be able to either. If the state is broke, then let all state employees take a pay cut or at least freeze salaries. This means no cost of lving increases, etc. The rest of us don't get them, the state employees, union or not, should not be.