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Addressing the First Meeting of Cooperators United for Mitchell-Lama

Senator Duane recently delivered the keynote address at the first formal meeting of Cooperators United for Mitchell-Lama (CU4ML), a group of resident shareholders of Mitchell-Lama/limited equity cooperatives who are committed to preserving quality limited-profit housing cooperatives, in perpetuity, both for themselves and for future generations of New Yorkers.

He is proud to share the goals of CU4ML, which include informing and assisting shareholders who oppose conversions to market rate; advocating for legislative and regulatory reform that will preserve and strengthen Mitchell-Lama cooperatives; and educating Mitchell-Lama residents, government officials, and the general public about the stunning success and many advantages of the Mitchell-Lama model for cooperative living.  Senator Duane looks forward to working with CU4ML on all these fronts to preserve and expand affordable cooperative housing in New York State.