Remembering Pearl Harbor

    Today, on the seventy-second anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, we
    remember and honor the thousands of Americans who lost their lives or were
    wounded on that tragic day.

    The attack on Pearl Harbor was an assault upon our entire Nation and upon
    the sense of freedom, peace and safety we enjoy as American citizens.

    In the wake of the attacks, America entered World War II and displayed our
    strength to the entire globe through the bravery of the members of our
    military who successfully defended our freedom and our Nation.

    Our veterans have made countless sacrifices in protecting our freedom,
    preserving our democracy, and defending our Nation. As the State Senator
    representing Waterloo, the birthplace of Memorial Day, I firmly believe we
    have no greater obligation than to make sure these sacrifices are never

    Americans must never forget what happened on December 7th, 1941.  We must
    never take our freedom for granted.  In this post 9/11 world, we continue
    to be reminded of the importance of defending our homeland and ensuring
    that future generations are able to grow up in a land of peace, freedom and

    On this day of remembrance, we recognize that the freedom we enjoy as
    Americans is not free, but paid for with the courage, valor and sadly, the
    lives of thousands of our fellow citizens.

    We must never forget how great our Nation is, how precious our freedoms
    are, and how blessed we are to be Americans.