2pm Conference Call with Con Edison


    Just finished conference call - some points from the call are that there

    are 13,683 without power in Brooklyn


    -Con Edison is moving into the restoration phase at this point and will be

    accessing damage and dispatching crews over the next few hours -


    - locations in Marine Park without power and without traffic lights, as

    well as tree down on car on East 36th Street have been reported (some

    already were by our office)



    -They are coordinating with Parks and Con Edison regarding trees

    -200 tree crews on stand by to clear lines and open roadways


    -continue to prioritize based on how many people would get power restored -

    obviously the more go first


    - one million and a half people without power in Metropolitan region so

    will not be seeing assistance from other local utilities as they are

    experiencing same circumstances


    - would like to continue to stress to constituents that if they see lines

    down, do not touch them - one fatality in Rockland County


    - also once it becomes dark they will only work to a certain degree


    -they have crews from as far away as Texas here to help


    - next call tomorrow at 10:00 am. Will forward any additional information I

    may get