Annual Viking Essay Contest - Scandinavian East Coast Museum


    During the month of October the Scandinavian East Coast Museum is sponsoring its annual Viking Essay Contest, for children from 4th – 6th grade. This year’s topic is, “Norwegian Traditions,” the 17th of May Parade’s (Norwegian Day Parade) theme for 2013.


    We encourage students to do research about Norwegian Traditions: such as food, language, art and culture. A student could also take a different tack and examine themes commonly tied to their culture, such as, exploration, social responsibility and maritime/construction trades. Another approach would be for a student to find a Norwegian tradition that is also common to their ethnic tradition and write about how the connection between the two cultures. We are not looking for a regurgitation of facts, but well researched and written pieces. All essays should be no more than 2 typed pages. (They can be hand written as well.)


    The Norwegians have been in our neighborhood, for over 400 years, when New York was a Dutch colony. They founded Lutheran Medical Center, the Norwegian Christian Home & Health Center and many other institutions in the Bay Ridge area. Leif Eriksson Park is named after one of their greatest explorer and contains many Norwegian features, including a Viking ship playground.


    Please send essays in by November 30th to:


    440 Ovington Avenue

    Brooklyn, New York 11209


    There will be 2 winners selected. Prizes include: a gift certificate to Nordic Delicacies, Viking Memorabilia, and riding on a replica Viking Ship in the Norwegian Day Parade May 2014.


    For further information, please contact Victoria Hofmo at 718-748-5950. If you would like more information about Norwegian contributions and or history in New York, we would be more than happy to provide an educational presentation.