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Calling For Caylee's Law


Senator Ball Pushes for Bill in Response to Death of Florida Toddler

Albany, N.Y. – (07/08/11) – In the wake of a controversial acquittal that shocked the nation, and left many wondering if Casey Anthony got away with murder, Senator Greg Ball (R, C – Patterson) is calling for the creation of Caylee’s Law, a bill that would make it a crime for parents or caregivers who fail to report the death of a child.

The proposed legislation is in response to the 2008 death of Caylee Anthony, a Florida toddler whose disappearance was not reported for one month. Her mother, Casey, was found “not guilty” this week of murdering her little girl, but she was convicted on four counts of lying to police. Casey Anthony was sentenced to the maximum of four years in prison. Including time served, Anthony will spend just ten additional days in jail.

“We are all shocked and saddened by the outcome of this trial,” said Senator Greg Ball. “And while I have the utmost respect for our justice system and the right to due process, it’s unthinkable that Casey Anthony would get off with anything less than the death penalty. The outcome made most people shake their heads with disbelief and disgust, knowing that some wait on death row having been rightfully convicted with much less evidence. To think she knew of her daughter’s death and never told police, while having enough time to party the night away, lie to authorities and frequent tattoo parlors, is enough to make any caring person sick,” added Ball.

The bill would require caregivers to report the death or disappearance of a child to a police officer or law enforcement agency as soon as reasonable possible. Failure to report the death of a child would become a Class D Felony in New York.

For more information or to speak with Senator Ball, please contact Ali Skinner: (845) 200-9716.