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    Democratic Assemblywoman Addie Russell announced today she would back legislation that limit the public disclosure of gun records while also increasing penalties on those who murder first responders.

    Russell, an upstate Democrat, joins New York City Assemblyman Brian Kavanaugh incalling for measures limiting the public exposure of pistol permits. Senate Republican Majority Leader Dean Skelos said in a statement to Gannett’s Albany Bureau that he, too, would back a limit on pistol-permit disclosure.

    The move comes after The Journal News in Westchester published the names and addresses of pistol permit holders in an online database, sparking criticism from gun owners and elected officials like Republican Sen. Greg Ball (dislcosure: My dad works for the newspaper).

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been pushing Senate Republicans for stricter gun-control legislation, making the permit disclosure a possible bargaining chip in those negotiations.

    “I feel this new legislation will provide justice for crimes such as the one that resulted in Mark’s death,” Russell said in a statement. “The bill provides for increased responsibility for those that make guns available to the kinds of killer involved in Mark’s death as well as the shootings in Connecticut and Webster, NY,” Russell added. “The bill also address concerns of recent disclosure of gun owner information on the internet,” she stated. “I will be holding a press conference Friday at 11:00 a.m. at my office in the Dulles State Office State Building to further discuss the details of the bill.”

    A copy of the bill is still being drafted and Russell’s office is reaching out to the Senate for a sponsor in that chamber. (ARTICLE)