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Citizens Advisory Council Call to Action


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    Hello Friend, 

    As you know, public school districts are in the course of seeking mandate relief from the state.  One of their recommendations is that such relief comes in a reduction of the maximum mileage at which a district is required to bus nonpublic school students. 

    Such a reduction, from the current state law mandate of 15 miles to a mere 5 miles, would negatively impact taxpayers’ ability to send their sons and daughters to religious and private schools.  Namely, it would eliminate our right to school choice.

    It is absolutely imperative that this measure gets pulled from consideration by the Mandate Relief Council.  This effort will require all of our combined efforts to communicate with the members of the Mandate Relief Council to help them understand that any change to nonpublic transportation maximums constitutes a disruption in the education of taxpayers’ children. 

    There is much work to be done by all of us to preserve our right to school choice.  I ask you join me in executing the following three initiatives:

    1.    Contact the members of the Mandate Relief Council by sending them a letter or by contacting them by telephone to help them understand that no provision of a mandate relief package should be put forth that reduces the maximum busing mileage for nonpublic students as required by Section 3635 of Education Law. Furthermore, please request that the State Legislature should support Bill No. 2402A, which would increase the maximum mileage limitation for the transportation of nonpublic children by school districts to and from school from 15 to 25 miles.

    2.    Comment to the Mandate Relief Council Online by going to the following link and making your voice heard on hits important issue:

    3.    Join more than 100 of our fellow citizens on a lobbying trip to Albany which is scheduled for this Wednesday April 18th.  During this trip to Albany, you will join us in meeting with key members of the Mandate Relief Council and key leaders in the New York State Senate.  Buses will depart promptly at 8:00 AM this Wednesday from Kennedy Catholic High School which is located at 54 Route 138, Somers, NY 10589.  We will have more details about the logistics of our trip later today.

    Attached, you will find a draft of our lobby letter (“Ball Lobby Letter”) which you can use to write to members of the Mandate Relief Council. Furthermore, I have attached a Citizen Advisory Summary which provides the contact information for each of the members of the Mandate Relief Advisory Council. 

    Please feel free to forward this email message and its attachments to your friends, family members or colleagues who would be interested in helping us preserve our right to school choice. 

    If you have any questions regarding our action plan or the attachments to this message, please feel free to contact my Legislative Director, Krista Gobins via her telephone at (845) 279- 3773 or via her email address at 

    I greatly appreciate your support and participation in this effort.  I look forward to seeing you in Albany on this Wednesday!




    Greg Ball

    New York State Senator

    40th Senate District


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