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Commemoration of Passover


    For Immediate Release: March 29, 2010

    Contact: Dr. Monica Edrley|| (718) 523-3069

    Senator Shirley L. Huntley Urges Commemoration of Passover

    Senator Shirley L. Huntley (D-Jamaica) would like to remind New Yorkers that the Jewish Holiday of Passover begins at sundown on March 29th. Passover is an eight-day Jewish festival that commemorates the biblical exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt over 3,000 years ago.

    Passover is a time of gathering for family and friends to share the story of their ancestral freedom from slavery and to pray for the freedom of all those who are still oppressed today. The highlight of Passover (Pesach) is the partaking of the Seder, a unique meal during which the story of the Exodus is recited and passed down from generation to generation. It is customary to hold the Seder on the first two nights of the holiday. During the Passover Holiday it is a tradition to eat only unleavened bread in remembrance of what the Hebrews ate during their escape from slavery.

    “Celebrating the Passover holiday brings families and friends together during the weeklong festival,” said Senator Huntley, “and nothing is more important than connecting past, present and future generations together through the practice of customs and traditions. I wish all Jewish communities a good holiday.”

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