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    Senator Greg Ball has announced that the third round of the Regional Economic Development Council has begun. The Hudson Valley Regional Economic Development Council will again compete against nine other councils throughout the state for a total of $760 million in state funding and tax incentives.

    Putnam’s showing last year was decidedly mixed, but it’s anticipated that the county will make greater efforts to obtain state help for economic projects this year.

    “I am very proud that the Hudson Valley Region has done so well in the past two rounds of the Regional Economic Development Councils. I am glad to have personally worked with many of the local projects in my district and greatly look forward to the third round,” Ball said. “As the deadline for submission into the next round rolls closer, I urge job creators throughout the Hudson Valley Region to fill out a NYS Consolidated Funding Application to be eligible for the third round of funding.”

    Over the past two years, the Hudson Valley REDC has delivered $159.8 million for 145 job creation and community development projects in the Hudson Valley. The first year, the Hudson Valley Region received $67 million for 61 job-creating projects and the second year, the region received $92.8 Million for 84 job-creating projects.

    Ball said those interested in applying for the grant program may contact his office at (845) 279-3773 or Submissions to the regional councils are due by September 24th.

    For more information about the Regional Economic Development Councils please visit: regionalcouncils. (ARTICLE)