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    By: Eric Gross

    Jobs were on the mind of State Senator Greg Ball Friday when calling on the State Assembly to follow suit with the Senate’s job plan.

    Ball told a news conference at the Brewster Pastry Shop in Southeast, which celebrated its 5th anniversary last Friday, “tens of thousands of jobs will be created in the private sector by delivering tax relief to small business, reducing energy costs and enacting major fiscal reforms to make New York State more economically competitive.”

    Ball said during the past several decades the state had created a “hostile environment for small business owners. We must reverse that climate one tax, one regulation, one fee and one bureaucratic headache at a time.”

    Ball said the new jobs plan approved by the Senate and awaiting action in the Assembly will “cut taxes on small businesses putting more money back into their pockets. Bipartisan leadership in Albany is beginning to head in the right direction but we need to do more to allow business to create jobs.”

    Thierry Lavin of Patterson, owner of the Brewster Pastry Shop, told Ball the “cuts would help greatly by allowing us to hire additional employees.”

    The Brewster Pastry Shop employs three bakers and several sales clerks and sells its delights not only at the bakery off Route 22 but at the Brewster Farmers Market.

    Putnam Legislator Roger Gross was also on hand. He told Thierry that Putnam County was “business friendly. New York State must follow our lead and become attractive to business. Businesses thinking of crossing the border into Danbury will have second thoughts if regulations and taxes are reduced in the Empire State.” (ARTICLE)