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    by Jessica Glenza

    ALBANY, N.Y. – Croton resident Eugene Parrotta was inducted into the New York State Senate Veteran’s Hall of Fame on Tuesday, by Senator Greg Ball (R-Patterson). Once a year, each New York State Senator chooses a veteran to induct. Parrotta was one of 60 inducted Tuesday.

    “Every once in a long while, something happens in our lives that is a defining moment, one we know we‘ll always remember,” said Parrotta. “Receiving the State Veteran’s Hall of Fame award was that for me.  It was an honor to serve with the men and women of the United States Army, and it is an honor to now serve with Senator Greg Ball. I will continue working to maintain the high standard he has set for service to our Veterans.”

    Parrotta was honorably discharged as a specialist fourth class from the U.S. Army, is a recipient of the Purple Heart with Oak Cluster for his service in Vietnam, and currently chairs Senator Ball’s Veteran’s Advisory Council, according to a news release from Ball’s office Tuesday.

    “I am honored to nominate Mr. Parrotta into the New York State Veteran’s Hall of Fame,” said Ball. “Every day, Eugene works tirelessly to help veterans in our community.  From responding to constituent calls in my office, to visiting veterans and making sure they have access to medical care, housing or even a friend to talk to, Eugene is there. America is not a great country because of its politicians; it’s a great country because of our veterans like Eugene,” Ball said.

    Parrotta was born on Jan. 17, 1947 and is a retired member of Laborers Local 79 in New York City. Parrotta volunteers his time as the Chairman of the Veterans Advocacy Council at the Montrose FDR VA Campus and the Castle Point VA Campus. Recently, Parrotta secured 23 affordable veterans-only housing units at the new Round Top housing complex in Montrose, according to Ball’s office.

    Parrotta is the second among three consecutive family generations to see combat as a member of the United State military. Parrotta’s father was wounded during World War II, and his son is in his 16th year of service as a technical sergeant in the United States Air Force. Additionally, Parrotta’s grandson is enlisting in the military, according to the news release. (ARTICLE)