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    by Joe Jenkins

    CORTLANDT, N.Y. — Sen. Greg Ball (R, C, I – Patterson) released a statement supporting Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s recent $2 billion tax relief proposal.

    “Major kudos to Governor Cuomo for getting beyond the social issues and focusing on the two most important issues facing New Yorkers, jobs and taxes,” Ball said in a statement. “To protect our seniors, taxpayers, and working families, we must reform the way we collect school taxes in particular and finally link what one pays in property taxes to their actual ability to pay. Embracing consolidation, cutting corporate taxes and freezing property taxes are all huge steps in the right direction.”

    Ball praised Cuomo for proposing a “circuit breaker” property tax model, which would limit property taxes once they reach a certain percentage of a resident’s income. He then went on to call on the Governor to pass legislation to further protect senior citizens living in the state.

    “My immediate suggestion to the Governor for this new tax plan will be to immediately freeze property taxes for our seniors at the age of 67, as well,” Ball said in a statement. “We have been first in all the wrong ways for far too long and we need this capable governor to do everything in his power to make it easier for seniors, working families and small business owners to live, work and raise families in New York State.” (ARTICLE)