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    _dsc2027_-_version_2-3_2by Joe Jenkins

    WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. — State Sen. Greg Ball (R- 40th District) joined other members of the New York Senate Health Committee on Monday, Jan. 27, in Albany, for a roundtable discussion on out-of-network health care.

    The discussion focused on legislative proposals, including one that would enable New Yorkers to continue to be able to purchase health coverage that enables them to see the physician of their choice.

    Maureen Kenney of Bedford Hills spoke about her experience with out-of-network care when her husband was taken to an out-of-network hospital for emergency heart surgery that cost $99,000.

    “We have multibillion dollar insurance companies that are seeing record profits, a health-care system that is broken and forcing doctors out of this state in droves, and blue-collar families that are being held over the barrel by insufficient networks and coverage,” Ball said in a statement. “This is reaching a critical level, we cannot wait another year for both houses to pass this important bill and submit it to the Governor for his immediate signature.” (ARTICLE)