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    by Nathan Bruttell

    YORKTOWN, N.Y. — A Yorktown girl scout recently earned a state senate proclamation from Sen. Greg Ball.

    Kristen Anderson, a senior at Yorktown High School, recently received the proclamation for earning her Girl Scout Gold Award, according to a press release from Ball’s office. Anderson, a girl scout in Troop 1491, recently completed her Gold Award Project titled “Caring for the Caregivers at Rosary Hill Home,” according to the release. Rosary Hill is a nursing facility operated by the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne and provides care to persons afflicted with incurable cancer, according to the release.

    “It was a pleasure to meet Kristen and her family to hear about her Gold Award Project. Kristen is a prime example of service before self,” said Ball in the release. “The caregivers at Rosary Hill work tirelessly to comfort the terminally ill, often times working several weeks straight without a single day off. Kristen’s commitment to the caregivers and her project to honor them has shown an extraordinary amount about her character. Kristen should serve as an example to all of us. I would like to thank her for the work she has done and also wish her much luck in her future endeavors.”

    Kristen became inspired to help at Rosary Hill after seeing her sister Laura do similar work for her Gold Award project, according to the release.

    “While Kristen was helping Laura, she was inspired by the selflessness of the Sisters, so when it came time to choose her project, she decided to do something to show appreciation to the Sisters who dedicate their lives caring for the terminally ill,” according to the release.

    The entire Rosary Hill structure “needed to be refurbished,” according to the release, so Kristen fundraised at Saint Patrick’s Church in Yorktown Heights. Kristen later “sanded, stained, and painted the entire structure, and with a generous contribution from a local business, Yorktown Glass, Kristen replaced 22 screen windows,” according to the release. (ARTICLE)