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    by Brian Marschhauser

    YORKTOWN, N.Y. – Two $100,000 capital grants for the Yorktown Senior Center were given to the town Wednesday and will be used for renovations to the building’s bathrooms and facilities.

    “Right now, with the situation with our bathrooms, not many people are happy using them. After these upgrades it will be much more comfortable and will provide a better quality of life for all our seniors,” said Mary DeSilva, director of the Yorktown Senior Center.

    State Sen. Greg Ball (R, C-Patterson) presented the ceremonial giant checks to senior center workers and town board members.

    Ball appeared at the Senior Center earlier this year to announce $100,000 had been secured for various facility repairs. He said during the trip, he heard from seniors that something needed to be done about the bathrooms, as well.

    “I said I will do everything I possibly can to make sure that we take care of the bathrooms,” Ball said. “So we were able to, in this previous budget working with the governor and the majority leaders, and having me on bended knee begging on behalf of all of you, secure $100,000 for work on the bathrooms.” (ARTICLE)