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The Daily Yorktown: Sen. Ball Calls for 'Caylee's Law' Legislation


State Senator Greg Ball (R, C - Patterson) is calling for the creation of Caylee’s Law, a bill which would require caregivers to report the death or disappearance of a child to a police officer or law enforcement agency as soon as reasonably possible.

Ball announce his support for such the legislation days after the controversial trial where Casey Anthony, the mother of Caylee, did not reporter her child’s disappearance for one month and then lied to authorities. Under the proposed legislation, it would be considered a Class D Felony in New York State if a caregiver were to fail to report the death of a child.

In a statement by Ball, he said Anthony’s behavior after knowing about her daughter’s death without notifying the police is “enough to make any caring person sick.”

“We are all shocked and saddened by the outcome of this trial,” Ball said. “And while I have the utmost respect for our justice system and the right to due process, it’s unthinkable that Casey Anthony would get off with anything less than the death penalty. The outcome made most people shake their heads with disbelief and disgust, knowing that some wait on death row having been rightfully convicted with much less evidence.”