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(Senator Ball at a labor rally with the Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen & Helpers of America Union Local 456)

Brewster, N.Y. – (07/18/11) – Senator Greg Ball (R, C – Patterson) is again pushing for the passage of legislation that would ensure taxpayer-funded projects are provided to documented New Yorkers. The Senator’s renewed call for the E-Verify Bill (S5497), which he introduced in the New York State Senate this legislative session, comes as the United States House of Representatives debates the issue on a national level.

The legislation would require government contractors, and all state and local agencies to verify their employees are documented New Yorkers. “We cannot afford to lose taxpayer-funded work to people who are here illegally,” said Senator Ball. “This bill is not intended to attack illegals, but protect the jobs we have for taxpaying New Yorkers,” added Ball.

According to statistics recently released by NumbersUSA, a national E-Verify Bill could provide as many as 7 million jobs to documented workers in the United States. The organization goes on to say that with a 99.7% overall effectiveness rate, an E-Verify system presents the best opportunity to remove the flood of illegal aliens entering the United States job market.

Senator Ball is urging his constituents, and all New Yorkers, to contact their state representatives and push for the passage of this critical legislation. “We are at a pivotal point in our economi recovery. This legislation is desperately needed to ensure that all documented New Yorker have an opportunity to attain employment and get this state back on track,” added Ball. 


For more information or to speak with Senator Ball, please contact Ali Skinner: (845) 200-9716.