Education Committee’s report out on Regents Reform Agenda


Calls for immediate action by State Education Department


State Senator Michael H. Ranzenhofer has announced today that the Senate Education Committee has released its final report, entitled The Regents Reform Agenda: “Assessing” Our Progress, after completing five statewide public hearings.


“Listening to all education stakeholders– parents, teachers, administrators and others– is crucial to addressing the very serious issues surrounding the implementation of Common Core, protecting students privacy and testing.  The recommendations made by the final report is a bottom-up approach to providing solutions to many of their concerns.  I am hopeful that the State Education Department will enact many, if not all, of the Committee’s findings,” said Ranzenhofer.


The report calls on the State Education Department to take immediate action to address the implementation of Common Core Learning Standards, including: 

Expedite Federal waivers from mandates on various testing restrictions, including those for Students with Disabilities and English Language Learners

Produce missing modules immediately

Align assessments proportionally to curriculum actually implemented

Delay operation of Education Department Data Portal for one year

Increase funding for professional development


“Implementing these recommendations in our schools represents only the first steps to ensuring our children’s education remains on the right course.  Working with the Chair of the Education Committee, Senator John Flanagan, and all stakeholders, I am confident that we can begin to work on several reforms, in the 2014 Legislative Session, to address the most serious concerns with the Regents Reform Agenda,” said Ranzenhofer.


A complete copy of the report is available at the Senate Education Committee’s website, 


The Senate Education Committee conducted five public hearings to provide educational stakeholders an opportunity to share their assessment of the new common core learning standards.   A public hearing was held in Buffalo on October 16.  Senator Ranzenhofer is a member of the Education Committee.