Fraudulent Email Alert from FedEx


    FedEx has received reports that there has been an increase in fraudulent

    emails claiming to come from FedEx. These messages typically have a

    vague subject referencing a FedEx tracking, invoice or item number and

    an attached zip file with 'FEDEXInvoice' in the file name that may

    contain a computer virus. If you receive a message matching this

    description do not open the attachment. Delete the email immediately.


    A new variant of fraudulent emails is circulating including the subject

    line "Shipping Information." This fraudulent email wants customers to

    open a Microsoft(r) Word document for more information or click on a

    "Print Receipt" link.


    If you receive this message do not open the email or click on the

    attachment or link. Please forward suspected fraudulent FedEx emails to


    What is important to remember is that FedEx does not send unsolicited

    emails to customers requesting information regarding packages, invoices,

    account numbers, passwords or personal information.