In the wake of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee, State Senator John Bonacic proposed three  initiatives to help flood victims:


    *          Reducing the taxes of flood victims who suffered extensive property damage as a result of the disasters; and

    *          Covering the local share of disaster relief (typically 12.5% of the public infrastructure repair/replacement costs); and

    *          Partial payments for school taxes instead of requiring them to be paid by the end of last September.


    The first of those, granting a local option property tax reduction to victims of the disasters, was

    implemented by the Legislature and Governor in December.  This week, Governor Cuomo

    implemented the second of those proposals, to cover the local share of disaster relief.   “On

    September 2, we put forward three proposals to help those impacted by the disasters and to help

    the property taxpayers who would have to pay for a local share of  public repair costs

    necessitated by the disasters.  I am pleased with the Governor’s response and leadership here to

    generally implement them,” Senator Bonacic said.


    Picking up the typical local share will save property taxpayers in the four counties Senator

    Bonacic represents more than $15 million.  



    Estimated Cost of Recovery Projects

    Local Share (to be covered by State)














    Ulster County Legislator Craig Lopez applauded the latest action of the State.  “Prioritizing

    flood clean up – especially in areas such as hard hit Ulster Heights Road, is important.  Now that

    the State has again stepped up, we need to re-double our efforts locally to address the remaining

    flood clean up issues so people can continue their recovery.”


    In December, the Legislature approved Senator Bonacic’s proposal to allow localities to reduce

    property taxes for those whose properties were damaged by the flood.   Governor Cuomo also, in

    September, in partial support of Bonacic’s third proposal, granted a limited, interest free

    extension (at local option) to school property taxpayers impacted by Hurricane Irene and

    Tropical Storm Lee.


    Bonacic applauded the Governor’s leadership in flood recovery.  “By working together  in a bi-

    partisan way, we are addressing the key issues for every part of the State.”