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    CARMEL, N.Y. – Twenty-two local women were inducted Sunday into the Women of Distinction Hall of Fame, which was created by state Sen. Greg Ball (R-Patterson).

    Ball said he created the Women of Distinction award to honor women in his Senate district who do great work. In March he asked each town, village and city in the district to submit a nomination.

    “While all those nominated have worked and volunteered without want of recognition, their efforts have not gone without notice or appreciation,” Ball said. “These women did not wait or idle when the opportunity for real change presented itself. Instead, each used her own unique talents and skills to respond to an issue or challenge in her community that merited action.”

    The honorees will be included on a traveling Wall of Fame that will be on display throughout Ball’s district.

    “I am very honored to receive this recognition. I have worked alongside many wonderful people in my professional and community life,” said Marjorie Nichols Keith, the Carmel Woman of Distinction. “I would like to thank Supervisor Ken Schmitt and Town Board members for the town of Carmel for the nomination and Sen. Greg Ball for creating the Women of Distinction Hall of Fame.”

    Schmitt said Keith was a tireless volunteer.

    “I am so happy to nominate Marjorie Keith as Carmel’s Woman of Distinction. I can’t think of anyone better to receive this nomination,” he said. “She has selflessly donated countless hours of her time to our youth and our community, along with countless hours spent volunteering for Cornell Cooperative Extension.” (ARTICLE)