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    MAHOPAC, N.Y. – The Putnam Valley Historical Society honored Town Historian Dan Ricci with the Anderson Award for promoting local history, at an annual awards dinner in Mahopac on Oct. 20.

    Ricci, a teacher at Mahopac High School and former Putnam Valley Town Board member, works as a volunteer for various local organizations, including the town recycling center. He also provides informational tours on the town’s lake areas and lectures on town history.

    Putnam Valley Town Treasurer Doris Crowder also was honored at the dinner, as she was presented the Harry Silleck Award for her many years of service as the town treasurer.

    State Sen. Greg Ball attended the awards dinner and praised Ricci and Crowder for their work in the community.

    Putnam County Legislator Sam Oliverio said, “Dan Ricci is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the town of Putnam Valley. As our town historian, Dan provides all of our residents with a link to our past that is second to none. Doris Crowder has been a true silent partner in many Putnam Valley community events and organizations. She is always quick to volunteer and always offers 110 percent in all that she pursues. Doris though, never seeks the limelight or fame that she so strongly deserves.”

    Chartered April 26, 1968, by the state Board of Regents, the Putnam Valley Historical Society produces programs and exhibits about the town, its people, buildings and events that contributed to Putnam Valley’s culture and history.

    The society’s growing collection of photos, artifacts and documents is a useful source for residents who are interested in studying the town’s history. (ARTICLE)