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    As a sophomore at Carmel High School and a member of state Sen. Greg Ball’s Student Advisory Council, my time on the council has been most rewarding. Every week Sen. Ball sits with us for at least an hour to find out what our district’s youth needs. In our meetings we discuss both issues and achievements involving our community’s youth.

    Certain issues, such as bullying, have come up multiple times. Sen. Ball and the Advisory Committee have worked very hard, not just to abolish bullying in schools, but also to reward those who refuse to advocate bullying. Sen. Ball and his staff have already developed an anti-bullying program, proposed bills to Albany, and have organized multiple forums on the matter. These forums unite youth from all across the district to discuss what they believe bullying is, its detrimental effects, and how bullying can be avoided. These forums are just one of the many ways that Sen. Ball and the Youth Advisory Council reach out to our community. We use people’s thoughts and advice to take action in bettering the community.

    Through the Advisory Council he learns what is going on with our youth in order to continue positively serving our district. The Youth Advisory Council and Sen. Ball extend their hand to anyone interested in being part of this rewarding effort. We encourage anybody interested in serving our community to join our team.

    Steven J. Youssef


    The writer is a Carmel High School Youth Senate intern,

    District 40.