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    YORKTOWN HEIGHTS — Senator Greg Ball, R-Patterson, in conjunction with Parents for a Common Cause, will host a student-based Common Core workshop at Lakeland Copper Beech MiddleSchool in Yorktown Heights from 6-7 p.m. Tuesday.

    On Jan. 16, Ball hosted a Common Core Community Forum at Carmel Town Hall. More than 200 parents, students andeducators attended to voice concerns over the new standards.

    Now Ball is hosting a student-based workshop to hear more from those that Common Core directly affects, the children.

    Ball currently has a bill that calls for an immediate three-year moratorium on the controversial new standards until the issues can be resolved.

    In addition to Ball’s legislation, he has also launched a petition to stop Common Core inNew York on his Senate website that now has over 5,200 signatures.

    “According to the federal government, Common Core was designed to provide a uniformed standard for students, preparing them for college and careers. Regardless of the good intentions, Common Core has become an Uncommon Disaster,” Ball said. “My office has been inundated with phonecalls, emails, letters and faxes from parents, teachers, students and community members that are very concerned with this new program.”

    Students, the public and those in the education community are invited to attend. Any students who would like to participate in the workshop should contact Krista Gobins at 845-279-3773

    Lakeland Copper Beech Middle School is at 3417 Old Yorktown Road, Yorktown Heights. (ARTICLE)