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    CARMEL – Opponents to a new item pricing law for supermarkets and big box stores enacted as part of the 2013 Putnam County budget process late last year criticized it Thursday saying businesses will not be able to support the financial aspect of it.

    Under the law, businesses that do not want to provide unit pricing, may seek a waiver, but that can cost up to $15,000 a year depending upon the size of the store.

    Ted Potrikus, vice president of the Retail Council of New York State, acknowledged that counties are in a tough spot financially.

    “We don’t think that putting in an item pricing and scanner accuracy fee of this size at this time is a particularly smart way to try to balance a budget because, as we have said repeatedly, it just comes back to the consumer”, Potrikus said.   “It just means higher prices and a tougher business environment.”

    County Legislator Dini LoBue, (R- Mahopac) voted against the measure and hopes to have it repealed.

    “Unless I am not aware of a tremendous amount of complaints from the consumers with respect to item pricing, I don’t see the relevance of this law from item pricing to the waiver across the board,” LoBue said.

    The effort to repeal the law at the state level has been spearheaded by State Senator Gregory Ball (R- Patterson). (ARTICLE)