Monthly Column: Cut red tape that hurts job creation


By: Senator Michael H. Ranzenhofer


In May’s edition of Chief Executive magazine, New York State ranked 2nd to last for the cost of doing business.  The only state to be ranked as having a worse business climate was California.  More specifically, when rating the Empire State on its taxes and regulations, New York yielded only one star, out of a possible five star ranking.


The fact of the matter is that, in addition to high taxes, the other major culprits of New York’s poor business climate are regulations and red tape.  Along with the need to provide tax relief, burdensome regulations continue to be a major obstacle when it comes to revitalizing our economy.  


As the 2013 Legislation Session has progressed, I have been talking with my colleagues in the State Senate on what actions should be taken to alleviate the burdens associated with doing business in New York.  As a result, the State Senate took unprecedented action earlier this month to identify and eliminate thousands of costly, unnecessary government regulations that strangle businesses and job growth, driving up municipal and school property taxes.  


A major part of the initiative is the creation of a 11-member commission with extraordinary powers to complete a thorough review, then determine whether or not each rule, regulation and public authority is appropriate.  Unless rejected by the State Legislature, the recommendations of the commission would be binding.  This regulatory reform initiative will help businesses create new jobs by eliminating needless, costly regulations that limit economic growth.  


Additionally, I voted in support of 14 separate pieces of legislation to help address this serious problem, including actions to:

Establish a task force to conduct a complete review of the State Administrative Procedure Act and regulatory review process

Eliminate 1,000 burdensome regulations on businesses

Stop unfunded state mandates on local governments and school districts

Require state agencies to provide more information on the costs of new rules


In the coming months, some of my colleagues will be holding public hearings all across New York State to further identify some of the worst red-tape offenders. These series of public hearings will focus on specific industries, while listening to local officials to learn which specific rules and regulations are the most costly and useless.


Simply put, all of the red tape in State government stifles job creation.  Each and every one of these actions are designed to create a more business-friendly environment for the private sector so new jobs can be created.  


These unprecedented actions will help to make New York more economically competitive so that our State will start to jump up in the rankings in terms of the cost of doing business, and especially on taxes and regulations. 


Senator Ranzenhofer's monthly column appeared in the Amherst and Clarence Bee on June 19th.