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NYS Senator Eric Adams And Other Electeds Hold a Press Conference to Decry FDNY "Crash Tax" on Auto Accidents


    On Saturday, December 11th, NYS Senator Eric Adams was joined by Council Member Jumaane D. Williams and Assembly Member Hakeem Jeffries to protest the FDNY “crash tax” (“accident tax”) on individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents

    NYS Senator Eric Adams stated: “The FDNY proposes to add insult to injury; it has announced its intention to impose a fee on individuals involved in auto accidents. Under the plan, a car fire with personal injury will cost $490, a car fire without personal injury will cost $415, an accident with injury will cost $490, and an accident without injury will cost $365. This so-called ‘accident tax’ is unconscionable; if the FDNY responds, you will be charged, even when the accident is NOT your fault!

    "We must not attempt to balance the budget on the backs of middle class New Yorkers who have the misfortune to be involved in a vehicular accident. I will introduce legislation in the Senate to require approval by the legislature prior to the imposition of any ‘accident tax’ fees on New York State residents.”