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NYS Senator Eric Adams Holds ‘Hands Around the Lake’ To Demand The Humane Treatment Of Geese And Other Wildlife That Call Prospect Park Home.


On Saturday, March 26, 2011, NYS Senator Eric Adams, joined by NYC Council Member Letitia James and community residents, convened a ‘Hands Around the Lake’ rally to demand the humane treatment of Canada geese as well as all other wildlife that call Prospect Park home.

In July of 2010, nearly 400 geese and goslings were captured, gassed and unceremoniously thrown into trash bags – slaughtered in the name of airplane safety, even though the geese that inhabited Prospect Park were outside of the Air Safety Zone.

Senator Adams stated, "When the slaughter of innocent geese and goslings occurred in July of last year, I was both horrified and angered. I was dismayed by the manner in which these majestic creatures were killed. I am pleased to be in attendance at today’s ‘Hands Around the Lake’ event to send a clear signal to those responsible for last year’s massacre that the annihilation of innocent and defenseless wildlife will not be tolerated."