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NYS Senator Eric Adams Hosts a Visit from the Youth Civic Leadership Academy


NYS Senator Eric Adams Hosts a Visit from the Youth Civic Leadership Academy 

NYS Senator Eric Adams will host the Youth Civic Leadership Academy in Albany on Wednesday, June 9, 2010, in a hands-on effort to teach civic participation and promote involvement in social and government services.
Senator Adams’ statement:             “The Youth Civic Leadership Academy is a program that empowers low income and minority Ohio youngsters to make positive changes in their own lives and in their communities through meaningful participation in local politics. I am pleased that the group will pay a visit to the New York State Legislature in Albany, enabling the young people to observe the mechanisms of New York State government at work and pass on what they observe to their peers and families back in Ohio.
“True civic participation is accomplished through experience- the garnering of a knowledge that our opinions and votes matter!  Jury duty matters!  Volunteering matters!  I am excited to have members of the academy shadow me as they visit Albany and see the important work we do inside and outside the chamber.”