An Open Letter to the Coors Brewing Company


    Dear Mr. Coors and Mr. Swinburn:

    This letter is to object to the Coors Light Beer ads that are being displayed in New York to promote the 2011 Puerto Rican Day Parade.

    While we all welcome corporate sponsorship to help make our Puerto Rican Day Parade celebration special, Coors Light is sponsoring Parade ads that show large bottles of beer with the "Emboricuate" which means "become Puerto Rican" message below the ad. Puerto Ricans are proud of our rich tradition and culture. The false impression these ads suggest is that drinking beer is an central part of our culture.

    We welcome sponsors to help celebrate our heritage - not messages that suggest that we want people to come to our parade to get drunk with us.

    Please help us to promote a wonderful celebration and replace these ads with ads that are more fitting and respectful of our culture and heritage.


    Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz

    32nd Senatorial District

    900 Rogers Place

    Bronx, New York 10459