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Opening Day for Babylon Little League


    Senator Owen H. Johnson threw out the first pitch to kick off the Babylon Little League season on April 9, 2011.   Catching was 6th grader Julian Romero, a member of the Blue Jays Major League Team sponsored by Plessers Applicances and Electronics of Babylon.  Senator Johnson was named the 2011 Babylon Little League Honoree in appreciation of his generosity and assistance over the past several years, allowing the league to expand their facilities for the betterment of the children of Babylon Village.  The day’s events included a parade from the Babylon Village Hall, through the village to the Locust Avenue Ball Fields, where Opening Day Ceremonies followed.

    Photo:  Catcher Julian Romero, of the Blue Jays Major League Team; and Senator Owen H. Johnson at the Babylon Little League Opening Day Ceremonies.