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Oprah Winfrey Recognizes The NYS Senate's Commitment To Economic Development


    (New York, NY) – In the November issue of O Magazine, renowned television host Oprah Winfrey applauds Senate President Malcolm A. Smith and the Senate Majority for providing a means for better nourishment in a neighborhood that has been underserved for the past 15 years.

    Currently, Binghamton's North Side has no means for residents to buy fresh food for more than a mile in each direction.  After outreach efforts from City Councilwoman Lea Webb (D-Binghamton) Senator Smith pledged $150,000 of state money toward site preparation and construction of a new store.

    "Government, community, church, the private sector-Lea's got them all behind her," said Senator Smith. “That’s not easy to do. There's always one missing. "

    Webb chose a vendor- the Save-A-Lot grocery chain. The store has also agreed to meet all of Webb's requirements of hiring locally, pay at least a few dollars above minimum wage, offer benefits to employees and address the area's ethnically diverse food needs.

    The store is expected to open in 2010.