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    Posted by Lanning Taliaferro

    Communities that want to regulate pet dealers more strictly than the state does may now do so under a law signed Jan. 10 by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

    The change in state law, allowing local governments to be more stringent (but not less) came after an Internet firestorm erupted over an upstate breeder’s outdoor facilities for border collies.

    Animal rights activists were horrified by the story of dogs in houses made from plastic barrels during the sub-freezing temperatures and snowstorms of early January, though their reaction was dubbed a lynch-mob mentality by some, and state police found no violations of state law.

    The new law allows local governments to make stricter laws that go above and beyond state law—something municipalities are not usually allowed to do.

    “Any legislation that will improve awareness and accountability for the welfare of our companion animals is a step in the right direction,” said Allyson Halm, president of Adopt-A-Dog Inc., an Armonk-based pet rescue organization. “Local governments having the resources to actually investigate and enforce pet store violations will have to be determined. New York State must improve the standard of care required in the existing statues, so local governments can do the same.”

    State Sen. Greg Ball said, “I am glad to hear that Governor Cuomo has signed legislation that will allow local governments to enact stricter animal abuse laws.” (ARTICLE)