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    Posted by Plamena Pesheva

    Twenty-two women, including Yorktown’s Tricy Cushner and Somers’ Doris Jane Smith, were inducted into Senator Greg Ball’s (R, C, I-Patterson) Women of Distinction Hall of Fame and celebrated on Sunday.

    The Women of Distinction Hall was designated to honor outstanding women from throughout the 40th Senate District. Cushner and Smith, an art teacher at Primrose School, are honored for their contributions to their communities.

    “While all those nominated have worked and volunteered without want of recognition, their efforts have not gone without notice or appreciation,” Ball said. “The diversity and depth of their work speaks to the amount of time and dedication each has volunteered on behalf of and in support of a simple truth; that all change is local.”

    Yorktown Councilman Terrence Murphy said that every year he looks forward to recognizing an outstanding community member at the hall of fame.

    “Tricy [Cushner] does wonderful work for the town of Yorktown, working with our children to raise awareness and help prevent the use of harmful drugs,” Murphy said. “I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Senator Ball and his staff for hosting this event and allowing us to recognize Tricy.” (ARTICLE)

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