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    Written by: Craig Wolf

    Total nationwide job cuts in IBM Corp.’s latest quarterly round of reductions have now climbed to 1,440.

    That’s the count being kept by the Alliance@IBM, a workers’ group that tracks moves that IBM does not publicly announce or confirm.

    The reduction in U.S. staff has been part of IBM’s corporate strategy for years. Its employment growth has been overseas, increasingly in Asia.

    New York state Sen. Greg Ball, R-C, Patterson, issued a statement criticizing state aid given to IBM and calling for a new law that would ban tax incentives for any company that is sending jobs overseas while reducing them in the state.,

    Ball is calling for state officials to get a guarantee from IBM that they will keep jobs in New York and become transparent in their jobs reporting practices. For several years, IBM has not publicly announced or confirmed how many employees it has in the U.S., the state or in local plants like Poughkeepsie and East Fishkill.

    The Alliance’s count is based on IBM severance documents given to affected employees, some of whom have provided copies to the Alliance. The total of 1,440 is not necessarily complete. the “resource actions” cover cut jobs in 20 units of IBM, and the dismissed workers include an unknown number in the Hudson Valley.

    In a statement, Ball said, “A few months back I stood alone, warning of my fears of relying upon promises from IBM, a global outsourcing giant, without getting those guarantees in writing. These new reports are deeply troubling and once again show why my demands that New York state demand specifics from IBM were legitimate. We must hold IBM accountable for any direct or indirect benefits they receive from New York taxpayers.”

    IBM is still apparently the largest private employer in Dutchess County. (ARTICLE)