Ranzenhofer announces construction grant award for Richmond Memorial Library


New York State Senator Michael H. Ranzenhofer has announced that Richmond Memorial Library will receive $3,500 in funding from the Public Library Construction Grant Program for a replacement window in the children’s room. 

“This grant will serve as a reinvestment in Richmond Memorial Library in the City of Batavia and will ultimately allow existing patrons and future generations to enjoy all the services the library has to offer,” said Senator Ranzenhofer.

The grant funds are from $14 million in capital funds for public library construction provided in the 2010 State Budget.  Grants can pay up to a maximum of fifty percent of total eligible project costs and libraries must provide funds to pay for the remaining costs of the project. 

New York’s public libraries are in need of renovation and upgrading.  A recent survey showed a documented need for public library construction and renovation projects totaling more than $2.5 billion. More than forty percent of the public library buildings in communities across New York are over sixty years old.  Many of New York’s local public libraries are unable to accommodate users with disabilities, are energy inefficient, cannot provide internet and computer and other electronic technologies to users because of outdated and inadequate electrical wiring. 

Project activities and expenditures eligible for grants from the $14 million Public Library Construction Grant Program include the renovation and/or rehabilitation of existing space, including roof replacement, purchase and installation of alternative energy resources and new HVAC systems, windows, doors, and lighting systems, electrical upgrades, and construction of new or replacement of old walkways and parking lots.