Ranzenhofer announces Earth Day Poster Contest


    Encourages kids in grades K-6 to help promote environmental awareness

    Senator Mike Ranzenhofer today encouraged local student entries for the New York State Senate’s Earth Day Poster Contest, a statewide competition that raises student awareness of recycling and waste reduction.


    “The New York State Senate takes this opportunity to celebrate the great strides New York has made in helping to improve our environment.  By educating students about the importance of recycling, they can be a part of the many New Yorkers who are already helping to make a difference,” said Ranzenhofer.


    The Earth Day Competition is for school children in grades K-6.  Students are encouraged not only to be creative, but also to convey a real commitment to making the environment a better place.  Entries should be photographed and submitted electronically, preferably in jpeg or pdf format, via Senator Ranzenhofer’s website, ranzenhofer.nysenate.gov.  All submissions must be uploaded by April 11, 2014.


    Click here to upload your child's submission.


    “The Earth Day competition encourages the exchange of ideas among schools, children and adults and inspires creative thinking about solutions to the environmental challenges we face in the 21st century.  Teaching children about the importance of recycling and waste reduction is critical, and I encourage children to submit their own poster,” said Ranzenhofer.


    The theme of this year’s competition is “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”  The winning posters will be displayed at Senator Ranzenhofer’s website.  All participants will receive a certificate acknowledging their participation. 


    The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970. Since then, more than 20 million Americans have participated in the annual day, helping to improve the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink.  In addition, landmark legislation has been passed to help support this effort, such as the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act.