Ranzenhofer Denounces Political Patronage


Albany, N.Y. – Senator Ranzenhofer denounced another case of political patronage today as Susan Grelick has been hired by the Senate Majority as Counsel to the Senate Committee on Local Government.  The job pays $90,000 per year. 

After all the criticism from the media and strong opposition from the public during the recent hire of Joe Mesi at $70,000 a year in the Majority Regional Office in Buffalo, the Senate Majority delivers another dose of political patronage.  Grelick, a former Amherst Town Supervisor and Clerk, also ran unsuccessfully against Assemblyman Jim Hayes and was active in the Mesi political campaign.  “Lately, it seems the best way to get a job with the Senate majority is to be politically connected and run for State office,” stated Senator Ranzenhofer. 

 “This recent hire by the Senate Majority is the height of arrogance.  At a time when people are struggling in this economy to find jobs at $40,000 a year, the Senate Majority rewards former candidates for State office with jobs that pay $90,000 a year,” said Senator Ranzenhofer. 

“The Senate Majority should shift its focus from hiring the politically connected to creating jobs for everyday people.  I challenge the Senate Majority to create jobs here in Western New York by cutting spending, lowering taxes and providing low cost hydroelectric power to businesses.”