Ranzenhofer, Hawley announce new law for shared court locations, savings for taxpayer; Law allows shared court facility for towns of Elba, Oakfield and Batavia


Batavia, NY – State Senator Michael Ranzenhofer and Assemblyman Steve Hawley announced the passage of a law that allows the court proceedings for the towns of Elba, Oakfield and Batavia to be held at a single location in an effort to save taxpayer dollars.

“With the passage of the Shared Court Services legislation, the Towns of Batavia, Elba and Oakfield have the opportunity to consolidate facilities to provide upgraded services and decreases costs. Residents in the towns of Elba, Oakfield and Batavia will see savings on their tax bills by sharing one court facility.  Today’s announcement reflects the willingness of the Elba, Batavia and Oakfield Town Supervisors to restructure local government to save money for taxpayers,” said Senator Ranzenhofer. 

“We were pleased to facilitate the Towns of Batavia, Elba & Oakfield’s request for this legislation. Helping localities streamline and consolidate their efforts, resulting in more efficient operations while saving taxpayer dollars is indeed a positive reflection on the Supervisors of the three towns,” said Assemblyman Hawley.

All three adjoining towns expressed a need for upgraded court facilities.  The new law amends the Uniform Justice Court Act to allow the court proceedings to be held either in the towns of Elba, Oakfield, Batavia or the city of Batavia.  The facility must be approved by all three town boards.  The law takes effect immediately.
““This is a good example of how a determined effort by community leaders and their respective staffs can provide a much needed and desirable benefit for the people they serve.  This partnership demonstrates efficiency in government with unlimited potential to expand benefits to local members of our population, as well as those that visit our VA campus, or other attractions our area offers.  The fact that so many elected entities can come together and set aside traditional boundaries to save tax dollars, is promise that our future here is bright,” said Batavia Town Supervisor Gregory Post.

"The Town of Elba sees this proposed shared courthouse facility as an innovative way to meet our courtroom safety and functional needs while saving the taxpayers money.  This Bill allows us to pursue the shared facility project and improve service to our communities," said Elba Town Supervisor Lucine Kauffman.