Ranzenhofer invites Senate Education Chairman to Buffalo


Organizes meeting with superintendents to discuss education issues


Amherst, N.Y. – New York State Senator Michael H. Ranzenhofer has organized a meeting between school superintendents and the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Education, Senator John J. Flanagan, last Thursday.  School district leaders had the opportunity to share their concerns regarding education funding and state mandates.

Senator Ranzenhofer expressed the importance of a dialogue before State Legislators return to Albany in January.

“Throughout the prior legislative session, many superintendents contacted me about funding issues and state mandates affecting our children’s education,” said Ranzenhofer.  “As a result of these discussions, I asked the Chairman of the Senate Education Committee to visit Western New York and to listen to school superintendents – so that the concerns of our school districts are seriously considered before decisions are made in Albany during the next legislative session.”

“As our state gets ready to make decisions that will impact the educational future of children all across the state, it is important that we hear directly from the people who represent those children so their voices are heard in Albany.  Senator Ranzenhofer understands how critical it is that every child across this state has the opportunity to a quality education.  I appreciate his efforts to set up this meeting which will help ensure our state has a fair budget that makes the changes needed to provide educational opportunities to all students in our state, regardless of where they live,” said Flanagan.

Williamsville Central Schools Superintendent Scott Martzloff and Assistant Superintendent Tom Maturski; City of Tonawanda Superintendent Whitney Vantine and Business Administrator Joseph Giarrizzo; Amherst School Superintendent Laura Chabe; Sweet Home School Superintendent Anthony Day; Akron Schools Interim Superintendent Dennis Ford; and Ken-Ton Union Free School Superintendent Mark Mondanaro attended the meeting.

"I believe Senators Flanagan and Ranzenhofer understand the fiscal challenges that public education is up against in New York State. Meeting with school leaders demonstrates their interest in learning, first-hand, about the importance of making state aid to education a priority in the upcoming budget cycle," said Martzloff. 

"As concerned superintendents we appreciated the opportunity to meet with both Senators. It was clear in the discussions that Senator Ranzenhofer and Senator Flanagan were more than willing to actively listen to details we indicated regarding how students have been affected by the loss of state aid over the past three years. They asked us many questions and tried to solve some issues together with us, and we saw them as partners in a very important issue. While we understand they cannot change things to the better themselves, we believe their positions on the Senate Education Committee will be better served because they have taken the time to meet with superintendents directly so that they understand the nuances as to how certain regulations really play out in our home districts. This was a wonderful opportunity and we appreciate the fact both Senator Ranzenhofer and Senator Flanagan took the time to meet and actively listen to our concerns before the budget cycle truly spins into effect," said Mondanaro.

Senator Ranzenhofer is a member of Senate Education Committee.