Ranzenhofer Opposes Proposed Gun Legislation


Batavia, N.Y. –  State Senator Mike Ranzenhofer voiced his opposition to legislation in the State legislature today that would require the renewal of firearms’ licenses every five years for pistol permits. Assemblyman Stephen Hawley, Genesee County Clerk Don Read, Genesee County Undersheriff Bill Sheron and SCOPE Vice-President Jack Taylor joined Senator Ranzenhofer in opposition to the proposed legislation.

“This bill represents an additional tax on Upstate sportsmen.  Despite the good intentions of this proposed legislation, this bill, if enacted, would only further regulate and increase costs on responsible, law-abiding gun owners and does nothing to address irresponsible and illegal gun use,” said Senator Ranzenhofer. 

The proposed legislation (S.1598 and A.801) is sponsored by Senator Schneiderman and Assemblywoman Paulin.  The bill passed the State Assembly on April 28.  Currently, the bill is in the Senate Committee on Codes.  If enacted, the bill would take effect immediately. 

“As a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, these proposals raise serious concerns with me.  These proposals would have a disproportionately negative impact on sportsmen in Western New York and are largely supported by New York City politicians with little understanding of the impact these proposals would have on sportsmen,” added Senator Ranzenhofer. 

“"It always amazes me that some legislative bodies believe that by creating more laws this will prevent a crime from occurring.  Lets face it, by the very definition of the word “outlaw” these individuals that reek havoc on our society, will operate outside of the laws.  We need to enforce the laws that we have now and uphold our citizens Second Amendment rights,” said Assemblyman Stephen Hawley.

“Our office would be strained to the breaking point in handling the volume of paperwork that would result.  The legislation would mean that approximately 1500 to 1600 individuals in Genesee County would be subject to renewing their pistol permits every year.  While the legislation does not appear to provide the details of how the renewals and background investigations would be handled, if new fingerprints and background investigations were necessary for each of these individuals the cost to counties for both county clerks and sheriffs would be staggering.  At the same time, the cost to individuals for background checks on the state and federal levels at the current rate of $105 would put a burden on many of our constituents,” said Genesee County Clerk Don Read.