Ranzenhofer Stands With Our Seniors for Lower Prescription Drug Costs


State Senator Michael H. Ranzenhofer, Ranking Republican member of the Senate Committee on Aging, announced his support for the idea that New York’s elderly should be allowed to purchase lower cost prescription drugs from outside of the United States. Senator Ranzenhofer has been a strong advocate for our seniors in the State Senate, including his strong advocacy for the restoration of Senior STAR Rebate checks.

"We have an obligation to assist our seniors in any way we can, and I see no reason why citizens should not be allowed to purchase their prescription drugs from Canada especially when for some seniors, it is a choice between purchasing prescription drugs and being able to pay for groceries or to hear their homes," Ranzenhofer said.

This legislation entitled "New York State Prescription Medication Cost containment Program" would allow senior citizens to voluntarily sign a contract with CanaRX to purchase their prescription drugs. It would also require the State Office of Aging which manages the EPIC program to consider all prescription drug sources, including foreign for the program.

A similar program has been in place in Schenectady County since 2005 and as a result the county has saved $5.8 million dollars in prescription drug costs. "In these tough economic times, New York State needs to think outside the box in terms of ways we can help our fellow citizens and save money in the process. The Schenectady program does just that, and we should certainly examine ways that this local success can be replicated at the State level," Ranzenhofer concluded.

The Committee on Aging is holding a public hearing at 10 a.m. today in Conference room 6 at the Empire State Plaza.

Senator Michael H. Ranzenhofer was elected to the New York State Senate in 2008. He represents the 61st Senate District which includes part of the city of Tonawanda, the Towns of Amherst, Clarence, Newstead and Tonawanda in Erie County and all of Genesee County.