Getting To Work Immediately To Bridge Gaps Between Senate And Assembly Plans

    State Senator Patty Ritchie has been named to two key budget subcommittees,
    which will begin work immediately to negotiate differences between the
    budget priorities of the Senate and Assembly.

    Senator Ritchie will serve on the Agriculture, Environmental Conservation
    and Housing Subcommittee, scheduled to be the first panel to begin working
    at 9:30 AM  Wednesday, as well as the Economic Development Subcommittee.

    “Both the Senate and Assembly have taken strong stands for our farmers, but
    there are differences in our plans. I am committed to working across the
    political aisle, and between the two houses of the Legislature, to get the
    best results for our farmers, who are critical to our economy Upstate and
    especially in Central and Northern New York,” said Senator Ritchie, who
    serves as Chair of the Senate’s Agriculture Committee.

    While the Senate and Assembly agree on much of their plans for Agriculture
    (both houses have  rejected the Governor’s plan for a scaled-down,
    competitive grant program for marketing, research and education programs),
    there are differences in funding levels sought for those programs.

    The Senate Tuesday passed its budget plan that still closes Albany’s gaping
    budget hole, but spends less than both the Governor and the Assembly, and
    rejects new taxes. The Senate’s plan also shifts funds to help public
    schools and others.